IMpeccable iMage, Inc. - Award-Winning Makeup Artistry by Irina & ONLINE BOUTIQUE

Irina with bride Jennifer 
  • Always use the best brushes you can afford- with proper care, they will last you a lifetime!
  • Before applying any makeup, cleanse the face thoroughly.
  • Apply RETEXTURIZING FACE PRIMER. Primer will make your skin a perfect canvas and will make the foundation glide smoothly and last long
  • Use sponge to apply our long-lasting FOUNDATION with SPF 18 
  • For best results, apply concealer with a special CONCEALER BRUSHfor smooth and flawless application
  • NOTE: Without setting your foundation with powder, it will fade in a few hours; with powder finish it will stay put for hours and hours.  For flawless application, use only high-quality brushes made of natural bristles
  • Correct and shape your eyebrows with BRUSH-on-BROWpowder using special brush (enclosed in a kit). 
  • Apply EYE SHADOW MAGNETon your eyelids before applying eye shadows. It will hold the eyeshadows in place and prevent them from creasing or fading away. Use makeup wedges to smooth on the product.
  • NOTE: You can enhance your eye by putting one highlight under your brow, and another one just above the iris of your eye, with darker shade starting in the crease of your eyelid and blended outside.
  • Apply CAKE or LIQUID EYELINER. Use Q-tips dipped in eye makeup remover to correct smudges.
  • Apply LASH EXCELLENCE MASCARA. If you are messy with mascara, reverse the routine: apply mascara first, clean all smudges, then apply eye shadows.
  • Apply MOSAIC BLUSHto the apples of your cheeks (smile lightly at yourself in the mirror and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks; blend outwards to the top of your ears). Use special DELUXE BLUSH BRUSH  or FAN BLUSH BRUSHfor maximum precision.
  • Apply LIP LINERto define your lips. It will prevent your lipstick from “bleeding” into tiny vertical lines around your lips.
  • Apply LIPSTICK, then blot with a tissue, and reapply a second coat of lipstick for longer wear.
Complete Eye Kit